Easy Call Calling System which we have in our offer, is a simple and reliable system that can be installed in hospitals, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, schools and basically in all accommodating facilities in which it is necessary to identify the type and source of the alarm. It is a bus, modular, easily expandable system. The room terminal art. 1049/120 has integrated both the acoustic and the luminous signalling. It allows the connection of a reset button and four alarms request buttons and concurrently it also allows the control of furtheracoustic/luminous signals, by means of relay contacts. The display concentrator art. 1049/102 interfaces with the room terminals through the RoomBus network. It displays the identification number of the rooms from which the call was made. By means of keys or the use of a remote control, it is possible to scroll the alarm messages, as well as to silence and reset them. The LonWorks® network makes it possible to connect between themselves up to a maximum of 16 display concentrators, increasing the acquisition capacity to a total of up to 2048 individual alarms. The alarms acquired by the concentrators are sent to the LCD display art. 1049/956E, from which it is possible to view, scroll, silence, and reset every single alarms.